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AEDP Skills Courses: Essential Skills (ES1) and Advanced Skills (ES2)

“The AEDP Essential Skills course is absolutely one of the best psychotherapy trainings I have ever done. The format is a perfect balance of didactics, video observation and experiential practice (doing it!), with loads of supportive individual attention and feedback. I can’t recommend this training enough!”
              – Victoria Lemie Beckner, PhD

What you will learn: AEDP Skills courses, Essential Skills (ES1) and Advanced Skills (ES2), provide therapists with practical skills for “doing” AEDP. Our aim is to teach concrete and specific skills in both left-brained and right-brained ways. Different skills are introduced, explained, illustrated and practiced each day so that participants emerge with both an intellectual understanding and a felt sense of how to practice AEDP.

Daily routine: AEDP skills are introduced each morning first with their theoretical foundations and then with illustrations by way of clinical videotapes; skills are then practiced in group experiential exercises each afternoon.

Faculty and Experiential Assistants: In AEDP, we pride ourselves in how thoroughly and deeply we seek to both undo professional aloneness and engage in rigorous clinical teaching from excellent faculty: at least two and more often three or more faculty present their work in a given Skills course.  And Faculty and students receive skilled accompaniment from committed assistants: all AEDP Skills courses feature a large number of Experiential Assistants – up to and most often including one Experiential Assistant for every three participants.

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Essential Skills (ES1)

We highly recommend that you complete Immersion before taking Essential Skills (ES1). If you are committed to learning AEDP and have not yet taken Immersion, please complete the recorded webinar Intro to AEDP prior to starting ES1. Note, however, that Intro to AEDP is by no means a substitute for Immersion and Immersion is a requirement for AEDP certification. You will earn 6 CE for taking the Intro webinar and when you complete it you will be eligible for a $100 credit towards a future Immersion course. 

Essential Skills (ES1) Courses starting soon:

ES1 Retreat-Style Course in London, UK   Registration is Open – sign up now!
December 2018 / April 2019

ES1 Retreat-Style Course in Los Angeles  Registration is Open – sign up now!
January 2019 / May 2019

ES1 Three-Long-Weekends Course in Boston  Registration opens soon – stay tuned!
March 2019 / June 2019 / October 2019


Essential Skills (ES1) Courses in progress (registration is closed):

ES1 Retreat-Style Course in NYC 
May 2018 / October 2018

ES1 Retreat-Style Course in New York City 
August 2018 / December 2018


Advanced Skills (ES2)

ES2 is for practitioners who have completed both Immersion and ES1 (or ES1’s equivalent in supervision/core training). This course focuses on both helping you learn new, more advanced AEDP skills, while cultivating and fine-tuning the AEDP skills you already have. 

Participants will emerge from ES2 with skills necessary to the in-depth practice of AEDP and strategies for doing AEDP with our more challenging clients.

Advanced Skills (ES2) Courses starting soon:

ES2 Retreat-Style Course in San Francisco Bay Area  Registration is Open! Sign up now!
January  2019 / May 2019

ES2 5-Weekend Course in New York City  Registration is Open! Sign up now!
January 2019 thru May 2019

ES2 Retreat-Style Course in New York City  Registration is Open! Sign up now!
April 2019 / September 201


Advanced Skills (ES2) Courses in progress (registration is closed):

ES2 Retreat-Style Course in Vancouver & Denver 2018  
July 2018 / November 2018

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Past ES1 Courses

  • ES1 Retreat Style Course 2018 – San Francisco Bay Area
  • ES1 Retreat Style Course in NYC 2016 - 2017
  • Essential Skills (ES1) NYC 2016 - 2017
  • Essential Skills • 2016 • Retreat Style Course in Shanghai
  • ES1 Retreat Style Course in Europe • Stockholm, Sweden & Parma, Italy - 2016/2017
  • Essential Skills • 2015-2016 • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Essential Skills • 2015-2016 • Boston
  • Essential Skills • 2015-2016 • Retreat Style Course in NYC (Sold Out!)
  • Essential Skills • 2014-2015 • Vancouver
  • Essential Skills • 2014-2015 • New York
  • Essential Skills • 2013-2014 • New York
  • Essential Skills • 2013-2014 • West Coast
  • Essential Skills • 2012-2013 • Vancouver, BC

Past ES2 Courses

  • ES2 San Francisco Bay Area 2016 - 2017
  • ES2 Boston 2016 - 2017
  • Advanced Skills • 2015-2016 • New York
  • Advanced Skills • 2014-2015 • New York
  • Advanced Skills • 2012-2013 • East Coast